Wallenstein Square

Wallenstein Square is located between the Valdštejnská Street and the Tomášská Street. Like the street it bears the name derived from the name of the palace in the eastern part of the square, which was built by Albrecht Václav Eusebius von Wallenstein. Original name of this site, U Písecké brány (“by the sand gate”) was derived from the gate lying nearby.

From the mid-18th century until 1935, when today’s name was officially introduced, the square was called Valdštýnské. At the present time the Wallenstein Palace (No. 17/4), is the seat of the Senate, the upper house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. A must-see place is the Wallenstein Garden which is part of the complex and where, of you are lucky, you might see peacocks casually strolling by.

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