V Kotcích street

This relatively quiet street, parallel with the much busier Havelská and Rytířská, was once part of the large network of markets that centred on Havelská.

In 1738, the first permanent theatre in Prague was founded there, and performances were stage until the time of the opening of the Nostitz Theatre.

The Česká Spořitelna bank, formerly the Prague Savings Bank, on nearby Rytířská is one of Prague’s most impressive Neo-Classical buildings from the 19th century and is partly the work of Osvald Polívka, who later became famous for his Art Nouveau architecture. The lavish interior, featuring a grand staircase leading up to an ornate banking hall on the first floor, is definitely worth a look.

During the Communist era the bank housed a museum to the universally loathed Klement Gottwald, Czechoslovakia’s “First Working Class President”. Naturally the institution soon came to an end with the end of Communism in the country in 1989.

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