Trojský (Císařský) Island

Trojský (Císařský) Island is the last island in the area of Prague. It lies between Bubeneč and Troja and is over three kilometers long. Originally, it was smaller, but was expanded in the years 1899 - 1902 during the construction of the lock.

It is connected with the Trojan shore via a footbridge and via the Bubeneč Bridge. Its name dates back to the Emperor (= císař) Rudolf II., to whom the island was given. The name Trojský has been in use since the late 19th century. In 1927, a parkour stadium was built here. A quite large garden colony arose here as well. Today, the island is used for sports and recreational purposes. The biggest attraction on the island is probably the Trojan Horse, designed and built by the Czech sculptor Ivan Nacvalač, who constructed it with the help of his sons and friends in five months.

It is made out of 12 cubic meters of pine wood and is almost 10 meters high, 12 meters long and weighs about 6.5 tons. The Trojan Horse houses a gallery and the entrance is free of charge.

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