Toy Museum

The Prague Toy Museum, said to be the second largest toy museum in the world, is located in the Old Count’s Chambers of Prague Castle, with the Golden Lane nearby. There are seven exhibition rooms on two floors which display toys from all over the world from Greek to current times.

Along with that there is a huge collection of most modern Barbie exemplars, which features the doll's beginnings and highlights the years and fashions throughout the history.

The highlight of your visit to the museum will be the collection of the filmmaker and cartoonist Ivan Steiger, featuring mainly wooden and tin toys. Another noteworthy part, for boys especially, is the collection of Czech and Bohemian traditional toys, toy cars and motorcycles, airplanes and toy train-mechanisms such as the oldest Marklin engines and accessories. And although for the kids not being able to play with all these cool and impressive might be too tempting, you will be happy to find that on the second floor there are interactive displays with stuffed animals for the kids to play with.

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