Tower Park Praha

Žižkov Tower is one of the dominant features and the highest building in Prague. 216 m high tower was built between 1985-1992 by the architect Václav Aulický and Jiří Kozák.

It was last reconstructed in 2012. Not only it is the tallest building in Prague, but it is also the highest observation deck in the Czech Republic. The structure consists of three cylindrical steel tubes reaching a height of 134 meters. The main tube, containing two express elevators, then passes into the antenna extension reaching to a height of 216 meters.

Its construction was decided due to city growth and increase in disturbances to receive television signals. Weight of the structure is about 2,200 tons. It is interesting that in good weather conditions, you can see for up to 100 km away.

There are also 10 giant sculptures placed on the tower - the babies crawling up and down by the legendary artist  David Černý. The observatory floor at 93 m above ground consists of three cabins: Paintings Prague, Echoes of Prague, the Golden Prague. In addition to amazing views you can try the interactive entertainment in the form of suspension seats with sound, ie. bubble chairs or videos representing Prague and the whole Czech Republic.

Cabin Paintings Prague will introduce you to the most important events, with statistics and architecture. Sit in a comfortable hanging chairs reminiscent of bubbles, close your eyes and listen to the sounds so typical for Prague.

Room Echoes of Prague invites you to rest and relax. Relax in the gently bobbing bubble and listen to the sound of Prague - the noise of the weir on the Vltava river, the birds singing in Stromovka, the Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square, mingling with the clatter just approaching carriage with horses.

Room Golden Prague - here you can enjoy the unlimited view of the most beautiful places in Prague. Perhaps even more beautiful view is at night when the illuminated view of the metropolis gets a completely different dimension.

Moreover, you can enjoy dining at a restaurant at a height of 66 meters - experience a unique combination of modern cuisine with spectacular views of the city. The chefs use the best local products and offer seasonal dishes that will satisfy every visitor. The restaurant offers traditional Czech as well as regional cuisine and the best selection of wines and Czech beer. Tower Park  is not to be missed on a proper visit of Prague!

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