The Modřany Gulch

The Modřany Gulch - in Czech Modřanská Rokle - is a natural monument located in the area between the Prague quarters of Modřany and Písnice in the valley of the Libuš and Písnice streams.

The Modřany Gulch is place of learning; it features an educational route that on can manage in an hour. There are seven stops at which one will learn about geology, fauna and flora living at the Modřany Gulch. The road is also suitable for biking and it is not physically demanding. Interestingly, many rare plants including unusual ferns occurred here until the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Modřany Gulch was called Doly (Czech for ‘mines’) in 1930s. It was a place popular with hikers, who liked to refresh themselves at a restaurant nearby. Today, visitors to the Modřany Gulch can see a few former quarries or a water retention reservoir. The place is ideal for a lovely walk or cycling trip not too far from the city.

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