The Church of St. Peter and St Paul

The Roman Catholic Basilica of St. Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad in Prague is an important religious and cultural monument. The local temple was founded by Czech King Vratislav II. in the years 1070-1080, it happened so in connection with the establishment of the Vyšehrad Canonry. At that time it was a three-aisled basilica built in the Romanesque style. It was first rebuilt and enlarged in 1129 during the reign of Prince Soběslav I. In 1249 the building was severely damaged by fire, and then it was renovated in the Gothic style.

From 1576 to 1576 the church was rebuilt again, this time in the Renaissance style, in the years 1707 to 1729 there was a further reconstruction in the Baroque style. The last reconstruction into its current neo-Gothic style took place in 1885-1903, when the church was renovated by the prominent architect Josef Mocker. In addition to the unusual Art Nouveau interior decoration, the church was also given two 58 m towers, which are now one of the major landmarks of Prague. In 2003, the church was promoted to basilica minor by Pope John Paul II.

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