Střelecký Island

This island with an area of about 2,5 hectares is situated between the Slavic (Slovanský) and Children’s (Dětský) islands. Only a stones throw away from Prague's Old Town, the island offers a great place to relax after some cultural sightseeing.

It is accessible from the Legion Bridge (most Legií). In course of the time the island had changed its size and appearance and due to this also the names. It used to be called Little Venezia, the Upper Island, the Little Island, the Island under the Bridge, the Lawn, or the Water Courtyard. Today's name comes from the fact that under the reign of Charles IV, Prague longbow and crossbow shooters had the privilege of training here.

From the 15th century, the island held competitions in shooting. In 1812, Prague shooters built a new brick building with a restaurant according to the plans of the court architect Josef Kliment Zobel. It was a single-storey Empire style building No. 336 and thanks to its basement it survived even a great flood in 1890. Both the building and the island used to be a place for busy social life: promenade concerts, dance parties, dancing balls and performances of variety and cabaret artists.

Originally, the visitors were transported to the island by ferry which was replaced in 1841 for the Chain Bridge, which was designed by architect Bedřich Schnirch. In 1901 the chain bridge was substituted by present stone Legion Bridge. Today the island is a site of many open air concerts and festivals.

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