Strahov Picture Gallery

The picture gallery of the Premonstrates’ monastery at Strahov presents a valuable collection of Gothic, Baroque, Rococo and Romantic art on the 1st floor and temporary exhibitions on the ground floor. Already in 18th century, the Premonstrates’ monastery owned significant collection of arts and in 1836, Abbot Jeroným Josef Zeidler established a monastery picture gallery, which kept growing until 1950. That year, the entire monastery was abolished by the communist regime, and the precious pieces of art were given to other galleries. Fortunately, the precious collections were returned to the Strahov monastery after the restitution of the church property in November 1986.

A new exhibition was arranged and was opened to public in 1993. Today you can admire 99 precious paintings and sculpters on the first floor of the monastery cloister. You can look forward to Bohemian and Mid-European Gothic paintings and sculptures, pieces from the Rudolphine painting school (B.Spranger), works of Bohemian and Central European Baroque (K. Škréta, P. Brandl), Rococo paintings, and Dutch, Flemish and Italian paintings of 17th and 18th centuries. The most significant piece of the collection of the famous Feast of the Rose Garlands by Albrecht Dürer, purchased by the monastery in 1793. From 1934 it has been on display in the National Gallery, with monastery exhibiting the copy of the original.

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