St. Salvator’s Church

St. Salvator’s Church in the Old Town is a restored church from the early 17th century in the vicinity of the Old Town Square and the largest evangelical church in Prague. The foundation stone was laid in 1611 by German Lutherans. The religious dictate released by Emperor Rudolf II, made it for the church possible to exist since it legalised freedom of religion in the Czech lands.

The church was owned by different people as a consequence of political events, but was finally sold to Czech evangelists in 1863. Today it belongs to the parish congregation of the Czech Brothers Evangelist Church. Since St. Salvator is set in the heart of the Old Town it is easy to reach. Check out the interior of the church, which is quite impressive; it is made of cleanly polished stone and boasts very high central aisle and large windows. If you’re lucky, you might catch a classical music concert at St. Salvator which are only performed at special times of the year.

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