Slovansky Island

The lush Slovansky Island is located on the flowing Vltava next to the National Theater. It is a quiet retreat in the city center, which features the neo Renaissance Žofín Palace, a playground and a toy train or children, the Žofín restaurant and the Mánes building. Formed in the 17th century by gradual soil deposits, the island was damaged after the floods in 1784 and then fortified with a wall.

The island has carried several names, among others Barvířský Ostrov (Dyer’s Island) after it’s owner, or after the Austrian Archduchess Sophie (Žofie in Czech). The island got its current name after the first Prague Slavic Congress that was held here in 1848. In that year, the island was bought by the city of Prague and the main building on the island was rebuilt according to the design of Jindřich Fialka.

The island served as the center of Czech social life, and so it does till this day. With its bit and ancient trees the island is a perfect places to unwind after a long day of sightseeing or working.

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