Podolí Embankment

The Podolí Embankment starts in Braník district, which is part of Prague 4, and joins Rašínovo Embankment by the tunnel under Vyšehrad. The two major features are the waterworks in Podolí, whose construction dates back to 1882 and the marina, which is used mainly for small boats and yachts.

The big boats are to be found at Rašínovo Embankment and by Čechův Bridge at Dvořák Embankment. Today, when the weather is nice, the area of Podolí Embankment becomes popular with joggers, cyclists and rollerbladers. The path alongside the river leads to an oasis of a park where one can run, cycle, or simply relax on the grass on a hot summer day. In addition, the famous Yellow spa, the famous leisure area, is in Podolí area.

Dating back to 1910 it was affected by the devastating flood in 2002, which forced the owner to completely renovate the 35 000 m2 grounds. Besides bathing in the river, the Yellow spa has many other leisure activities to offer – there is beach volleyball, beach football, table tennis or pétenque, a good number of restaurants, bars and refreshment stall, not to mention a great sandy area, which at night time becomes a club.

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