Petřín Maze

From the outside, it looks like a miniature castle, but the inside is endless. It is an imitation of the Gothic gate Špička at Vyšehrad.This is a typical example of the so called Petřín magic, operated here in the late 19th Century Club of Czech tourists. Mirrors connected in a sophisticated system create tunnels across Petřín and create an effect of endlessness.

Children can wander the childhood away here and adults quite lose their head. Visitors leave this places with faces scarred with laughter and their eyes lost in the endless labyrinth. This is an attraction that lures in hundreds of tourists and Prague citizens every day.

There is a diorama at the exit of the maze, showing memorable scenes from the end of the Thirty Years' War, when Prague was conquered by the Swedes. The sophisticated combination of plastic front with a flat painting background creates a vivid impression.

The last part the Petřín maze is Hall of Laughter with lots of curved mirrors. Interestingly, several generals, presidents and quite ordinary officials walked out of it quite offended.

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