Petřín Lookout Tower

Petřín Tower was built in connection with the organization of the Jubilee Exhibition in Prague in 1901. The impetus for its construction came from the Club of Czech tourists, particularly from William Kurz and Vratislav Pasovský, who were inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

Petřín Tower is its loose, five times smaller copy. In January 1890, the project was presented in the press in an article entitled "Lookout tower on Petřín, picture from the near future of Prague." Protagonists of the project managed to raise the necessary funds so that an engineer František Prášil and engineer Julius Souček could develop a project of the construction.

Construction work started in March 1901 with the aim to complete the construction till the start of the Jubilee Exhibition. On the 28th July 1901 the tower was approved and on 20th August 1901 officially opened to the public.

The 11 meter deep foundations were placed and a 63.5 meter high steel structure weighing 175 tons was built. The core structure is an octagonal tube, in which an elevator is located, and around it there are two spiral staircases with 299 stairs - one for walking up and the other for walking down. The tower is 63.5 m tall and has two observation decks.

Today, the Petřín tower is one of the most popular destinations both for tourists and locals. Besides a great view of the panorama of Prague it offers, in clear weather there are wonderful views over the Czech Republic. In the north you can see the Říp mountain, in the northeast there are the Giant Mountains.

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