Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Dominated by the brooding statue of Jan Hus, Old Town Square is one of the biggest and most beautiful urban spaces. Once you emerge from the alley into the square you will find yourself on a journey back in time, surrounded by ancient buildings such as the early Gothic spiky-topped Týn Church and Prague’s Old Town Hall with a tall Gothic tower and a splendid Astronomical Clock.

Dating from the 10th century, it has been a principal public square and the central marketplace for Prague. Situated in the middle is the art nouveau statue of Jan Hus, the protestant reformer, burnt as a heretic. The statue was unveiled on 6 July 1915, at the 500th anniversary of Hus’s death.

In the northwestern corner of Old Town Square is the imposing baroque Church of St. Nicholas, built in the 1730s by Kilian Dientzenhofer, in which chamber concerts are often held. Throughout history the square has been a place of important political events and demonstrations, tragic events, such as executions took place here as well.

Recently the traditional Christmas and Easter markets are held here. To fully soak up the atmosphere of the square, you can climb up the Old Town Hall Tower for a fantastic view. And if your timing is right, join the crowd at the tower to watch the performance by the Astronomical Clock.

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