National Technical Museum

Established in 1908, the National Technical Museum in Prague is the largest institution dedicated to preserving information and artifacts related to the history of technology in the Czech Republic. Since 1941 it has been located in the vicinity of Letná Park in Prague 7.

The large collections have been assembled for over a hundred years by documenting the development of many technical fields, of the natural and exact sciences, and of industry in the territory of the Czech Republic. You can view rare and unique exhibitions in the Museum’s both permanent and short term shows. The large exhibits represent approximately 15% of the total collection. For those interested in a more thorough knowledge of the history of technology and its broader context there is approximately 3,500 linear shelf archival material and about 250,000 books in the library.

The Department Museum Pedagogy boasts illustrative and interactive educational programmes for elementary and secondary schools. The Museum also has its research center with its own publication and educational activities. After a long renovation from 2003-2011, the first part of the permanent exhibitions was reopened in February 2011 - the departments of transportation, architecture, construction and design, astronomy and many others. One of the significant exhibits is the aircraft donated by a Czech aircraft constructor and aviator Jan Kašpar, which is still on display.

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