National Museum

National Museum

The National Museum was founded in 1818 by Kašpar Maria Šternberk and is used to prepare and publicly display natural scientific and historical exhibitions and collections.

The museum currently contains nearly 14 million items relating to natural history, history, arts, and music and housed throughout several buildings in Prague. The main building of the National Museum can be found at the head of Wenceslas Square. This main building is the oldest and largest museum in the Czech Republic, though it is currently closed until 2016 for renovations (many of the moved exhibitions have been transferred across the street to the still-open New Building).

It is a neo-Renaissance structure designed by Josef Schulz primarily as an architectural symbol of the Czech National Revival. Construction was completed in 1891. The Main Building stands on the site of the former Horse Gate, with Wenceslas Square once serving as Prague’s chief horse market.

The National Museum offers an unprecedented view into the history and culture of the Czech lands and the Czech Republic, with a beautiful Main Building featuring stunning architecture and a grand interior. The National Museum is not to be missed on any trip to Prague.

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