Monastery of the Servite Order

Monastery of Grace of God in Nové Hrady, formerly the Monastery of St. Peter and Paul of the Servite order, serves today as a spiritual and cultural center of Nové Hrady region.

The monastery was built in the neighborhood of the Nové Hrady Church of St Peter and Paul on the initiative of the local noble family Buquoy. In 1677, Count Ferdinand Buquoy brought friars of the Servite order to Nové Hrady; they were also called the servants of Mary. The following year the construction of an early Baroque monastery began, and it was finally completed in 1686. The first written mention of the parish church of St Peter and Paul in Nové Hrady dates back to 1284. However, today's church is 300 years younger.

Nové Hrady had been destroyed in 1425 by the Taborite movement. The construction of the present church could start sometime after 1500 and it was not until 1590 that the sanctuary  in the late Gothic style was completed. This is the last complete Gothic work in the Czech Republic, which deserves recognition. Only the tower, which was struck by lightning in 1607, was raised by one floor when rebuilt in the Renaissance style. The monastery is open to all people who share an ambition for positive human values. The monastery in Nové Hrady organizes various cultural and educational programs, including creative workshops, ceramic workshop, mom’s club activities, a monastery school  Immanuel, tours, concerts, exhibitions, lectures or teaching of foreign languages.

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