Maltézské Square

This picturesque little square dominated by two towers that belong to the Church of Our Lady Below the Chain is unique in that is is one of the oldest places in Malá Strana (Lesser Quarter). It was created after the originally enclosed land of the Johannites adjacent to the church was divided.

The square was named after the Knights of Malta who have their monastery nearby. The above mentioned Church of Our Lady Below the Chain in the vicinity of the square is a certain must-see. Its foundation dates back to the 11th century. Opposite the facade of the Maltese church stands a group sculpture of the parton of the Order of the Maltese Knights of St. John Baptiste made of sandstone in 1715 by the renown Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokoff.

The sculpture features the standing saint with a flag in his hand and iwth a lamb at his legs who is accompanying statues of angels. The angel’s face with the cartouche featuring the Czech sign is considered to be the crypto-portrait of Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokoff himself. The square is a place of beautiful buildings, including embassies.

Interestingly, the oldest Prague Post office used to be situated in the square, exactly in the house 420/8. There is also a palace in the square where the renowned music composer Ludwig von Beethoven lived.

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