Kampa Museum

During your wanderings on romantic Kampa make sure to pay a visit to the Kampa Museum located in the elegant buildings of Sova Mills. The Sova mills is a picturesque, modern building on the Kampa island that has been rebuilt several times since the Middle Ages and today houses the city’s most intriguing and contemporary modern art foundation, the Museum Kampa.

The biggest treasures of the collection are no doubt works by the pioneer of abstraction František Kupka and his contemporary Otto Gutfreund, one the most important Czech sculptors of the 20th century. The elegant building unveils itself on the whole district and the river with its broad glass walls, the terraces invaded by contemporary statues and a big glass tower, around which the exhibition halls are structured. This truly contemporary venue will be ideal for you to soak up today’s artistic creations.

There is a beautiful story of artistic dedication and passion behind the foundation of the Museum Kampa. It was Meda Mládek, an art historian and protector of Czechoslovak artists during the Communist era, who together with her husband Jan managed to collect a great deal of art while living in the United States. Today, the collection is to be seen in Prague, allowing thus to present Czech art of the 20th century to a massive number of people. The museum also hosts numerous temporary exhibitions, which are often linked to the new tendencies of Central Europe’s contemporary art.

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