Divoká Šárka

This beautiful valley at the edge of Prague 6, Divoká Šárka, home to myth and legend, is a place one can find total peace. Names after a mythic female warrior - Wild Šárka - this huge nature reserve is an untamed place ideal for many return trips. Hiking or biking on paths, climbing some of the small, steep hills will get you an amazing view of the valley and city. As you descend into the valley, wooded paths and wide open fields unfold before your eyes. Walk through the cool shade and follow the path of Šárka potok (Šárka Stream), listen to the gentle sound of running water, and you will feel completely absorbed in the tranquility of the place.

On hot summer days you can visit the public swimming pool, which is stream feed and this quite cold as well as refreshing. The pool is in the middle of the valley, open all summer up to the middle of September depending on the weather. The pool also features foosball, petanque courts, table tennis and other activities. Nearby is a lovely pub with a large terrace area, which serves cold beer and cheap pub food; perfect place for taking a break and enjoying the scenery.

Another swimming choice is the reservoir called Dzban (‘jug’ in Czech). There is a campground and a pub here, and it is occasionally a concert venue. In the midst of the beautiful trees, there are wide open fields, one is actually known as “pohádka” (Czech for fairytale). Atop a hill, the open space is surrounded with trees and tall swaying grass. Near the top of the area there is a playground with a great view of the entire valley.

In winter, hiking and cross country skiing are ideal here and there are no crowds. Blanketed in snow, Divoká Šárka has a fairytale-like atmosphere and is quiet and peaceful. A romantic legend is connected to the place, called after the beautiful female warrior, a member of a fierce tribe of Amazons, who seduced the warrior Ctirad in order to beat the male tribe.

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