Communism Museum

The Museum of Communism was created to draw attention to the danger of the totalitarian regime from the February coup in 1948 to its rapid collapse in November 1989. The theme of the Museum is "Communism- the Dream, the Reality, and the Nightmare" and it offers the visitors a deeply immersive experience – parts of the exhibition such as a historical schoolroom or Interrogation Room allow the visitors to relive those times. It displays a great deal of objects and historical documents and as historical narrative it enlightens the visitors about this 20th-century phenomenon.

The museum presents a vivid account of the regime, focusing on Czechoslovakia and Prague in such areas as daily life, history, politics, the police and the dreaded STB apparatus, censorship, education and last but not least the artistic movement of Socialist Realism.

Highlights from the displays include the original items and meticulous installations containing authentic artefacts that were obtain by the organisers from major collection, both public and private. You will gain a deeper understanding of the way things were during the communist era and the propaganda. In addition, the projection room offers regular screening, educational activities etc. This museum depicts the other, darker side of Prague – not as lovely and beautiful but an essential part of Czech history and culture.

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