Church of St Peter na Poříčí

This gothic triple-aisle building, located in New Town near Florenc, contributes four characteristic steeples and an additional belfry to the Prague skyline. It has been reconstructed a numerous times and the church displays a unique mixture of architectural styles and techniques.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, a small Romanesque basilica used to stand on the site. It was first noted in 1178 and was gradually replaced by this church during the 14th and 15th centuries. At the end of the 17th century the church was renovated in a Baroque style. However, the triple-aisle building is predominantly neo-gothic in style and the renovation was done by architect Josef Mocker in 1874-1879 and in 1913-1914.

The two steeples in the forefront are 38 meters tall and were constructed in Romanesque style and late r refurbished in a Gothic style. Another two-story steeple rises from the north ante-chapel and the fourth sanctus steeple rises above the presbytery on the eastern side of the building. The detached belfry, which is constructed of sandstone blocks, is 39.5 meters high and features an arched walk through the passage in its base.

On the façade of the belfry there is an embedded broad stone with an inscription in Latin proclaiming: “The Commoners of St Peter’s Church at Poříčí built this tower at their own expense and for their grateful descendants in 1598.” Today, the belfry has three bells. The steep wooden stairs will take you to the tower where you can observe the bell cimbalom announcing even the quarter hours.

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