Church of St. Margaret

Over a thousand years ago the bishop Vojtěch of the Slavníkovci royal line and the prince Boleslav II of the Přemyslovci line founded the first male monastery in Bohemia. Originally called the monastery of the Benedictine Order in Břevnov it has been reconstructed many time across the centuries.

Now, the Church of St. Margaret is the centerpiece of one of the oldest monasteries in the Czech lands. Its oldest preserved remains come from the beginning of the 11th century and were discovered at the end of the previous century under the choir – it was a crypt in pre-Roman style. It still serves as a functioning abbey and the church itself, built between 1708 and 1715, is considered a masterpiece of baroque design. The Church of St. Margaret is the most precious building of the complex of the monastery and ranks among the most valuable buildings of the Baroque era. It was most probably designed by Kryštof Dientzenhofer and the project plan of the presbytery and the belfry are attributed to his son, Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer.

The oblong main building is divided into three parts, featuring shallow niches for lateral altars and a long monastic choir. Worth seeing is the striking interior decorated with lavish frescos on vaulted ceilings, and the powerful organ situated on the balcony. The tower, which is situated at the rear part of the church, has a few floors and an octahedral onion shaped dome with a lantern and finial on its crown. Interestingly, the previous tower housed the oldest bell in Prague, from 1313. The bell was moved to the belfry of Prague City Hall, in 1945, it was destroyed due to a fire. The abbey is comprised of beautiful gardens, ponds and courtyards amid the magnificent buildings.

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