Church of St. Francis of Assisi

The church of St. Francis of Assisi is located at the Square of the Knights of the Cross with Klementinum and Charles Bridge as its neighbours. Built in Baroque style between 1679 – 1685 it stands on the site of the original church of St. Francis of Assisi from 1270. The project was realized by the prominent architects Gaudenzio Casanova and Domenico Canevalle according to construction plans of Jean Baptiste Mathey.

There are three round gaps in the floor - the evidence that the church was built on the remains of the former church. It was consecrated in honour of St. Francis of Assisi three years after its completion and the consecration was carried out by the Prague archbishop Jan Bedřich of Wallenstein. The forty meters high bricked cupola is the dominating and the most fascinating feature of the church. In the interior you will find intriguing sculptural decoration, the work of M.V. Jäckel and O.F. Quitainer. Notice the fresco painting by V.V. Reiner and the painting on the main altar by Czech prominent painter J.K. Liška demonstrating the Stigmatization of St. Francis of Assisi - these are the real treasures that decorate the interior. Last but not least the curiosity about the church - there are extensive underground corridors located underneath the church.

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