Charles University Botanical Garden

Situated in the vicinity of Karlovo Náměstí, Charles University Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in the Czech Republic. Due to the flooding from the Vltava River, the garden was relocated from the Smíchov district in 1998 to its current location. Intimate and relaxing with its winding paths that lead around ponds and nooks, the garden is yet another oasis of calm and peace located a bit out of the main touristy areas.  The old alluring glass house is full of orchids, coffee bushes, a cactus room, primeval plants, and even a Methuselah tree, which is the oldest living organism in the world.

The outdoor exhibition features about 3,000 plant species that the garden has been collecting since 1904 from different locations in central Europe. Not only you can see plants that are common all over central Europe but more interestingly perhaps, there are critically endangered species that are unique to a specific geographic region. In the tropical glasshouses you can find 130 year-old Cycads, palms and ferns along with succulent plants and many other interesting species.

The garden holds various temporary exhibitions with topics such as cacti and succulent plants, carnivorous plants and exotic birds. Twice a week there are guided tours through the outdoor exhibition, and occasionally the garden is venue for classical music concerts. For more information, check the website where you will learn which plants are seasonally in bloom.

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