Capuchin monastery

The Capuchin monastery in Prague is situated at the Prague Castle in the northern end of the Loreta square next to the Prague Loreto in the district of Prague 1. Part of the local monastery complex is the Church of Our Lady of Angels.

Founded in 1660 by General of the order Vavřinec of Brindisi, who was later canonized, it is the oldest Capuchin monastery in Bohemia. The monastery was gradually built in the 17th and the first half of the 18th century. Interestingly, it is linked by the above-ground corridor with with the neighboring Loreto, which is administered by the local Capuchins. In 1757 it was damaged the Prussian artillery during the bombing of Prague, as evidenced by local cannonballs.

During the Second World War, during the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the SS established a prison here the Capuchin monks returned again only to be forcibly evicted in the early 50s. After that the monastery housed the Czechoslovak counter-espionage. The monastery has served its original purpose again since the beginning of the 90s of 20th century.

The Capuchin Brothers also perform religious service at the Prague Loreto in the vicinity of the monastery. Since spring 2010, regular charity evenings are held in the historic monastery refectory. Part of the monastery also accommodates religious students of the Prague University.

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