Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science

Just south of Karlovo náměstí is the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science at Charles University, the oldest botanical garden in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1775 in Smíchov it was relocated in 1898 to its current location due to flooding from the Vltava River. Located out of the touristy areas, this intimate garden is relaxing and romantic. Its winding paths will take you around nooks and ponds and the glasshouse is full of orchids, coffee bushes, a cactus room, and even a Methuselah tree, which is the oldest living organism in the world!

There are about 3,000 plant species featured in the outdoor exhibition, the species that occur commonly all over central Europe, as well as endangered species and plants that are unique to a defined geographic location. The steep, hillside garden concentrates on Central European flora and is especially pretty in spring. Twice a week guided tours through the outdoor exhibit take place.

For more information on opening times and what plants are seasonally in bloom, have a look at the website:

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