The Old Burgrave´s Houe

In the early medieval period the Old Burgrave’s House was the residence of the Prince’s castle-warden and later became the residence of the Lord High Burgave, who was the highest-ranking administrative official and the king’s deputy.

The great fire of 1541 destroyed the original Gothic building, and on the ground floor the Italian architect Giovanni Ventura built a house featuring Renaissance gables. It was home to the Burgrave’s court until 1783. Emblems of the four former Lord High Burgraves can be seen above the portal leading to the courtyard.

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the Burgrave’s House was used for residential purposes, and between 1960 and 1963 it was extended and adapted to serve as the House of Czechoslovak Children.

The Old Burgrave’s House is now home to the Toy Museum (Muzeum hraček), and contains a café and exhibition space.

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