The Hall of the Imperial Court Council

Located on the second floor of Ludvík Wing of the Old Royal Palace, the Hall of the Imperial Court Council is where the affairs of the entire Holy Roman Empire were administered during the residence of Emperor Rudolf II and later periods.

The Hall was also the place where the death sentence was read out to 27 nobles, knights, burgesses and leaders of the revolt of the Estates against Emperor Ferdinand II. They were executed on Old Town Square two days later.

The furniture and paintings are from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, and above the stove (seventeenth century) are two wooden funeral plaques of Emperors Maximilian II and Rudolf II. The walls feature portraits of the Habsburgs, a painting by I. Raab called The Siege of Prague by the King of Prussia in 1757, and a copy of Velasquez’s portrait of King Philip of Spain.

The Hall can be seen as part of a tour of the Old Royal Palace.

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